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Apple Music adds mixes from Tomorrowland: Around the World

The recent online Tomorrowland: Around the World festival was a hit, reaching more than one million viewers. The festival has since launched its ‘relive’ website for ticketholders to watch the sets on demand.

Now Apple Music is bringing some of those sets – in audio form – to a wider audience. It has a number of the live DJ sets available, including those from Alan Walker, Claptone, Steve Aoki, Charlotte De Witte and Armin Van Buuren, gathered on Tomorrowland’s curator page on Apple Music.

In more Apple/dance-music news, Lady Gaga has signed up to be a Beats 1 host, with her weekly Gaga Radio show – yes, we have Queen on our internal jukebox as we write this – to focus on interviews with dance music stars, and exclusive DJ mixes.

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Sandbox Issue 214: Radio Ahead. Pitching to the non-traditional radio giants

Lead: In the good old days, you could just employ a plugger to get your songs played on radio (or, if you had deep pockets and shallow morals, you could engage in some light payola). Today what “radio” actually is has twisted and turned so much as to be unrecognisable and the old ways of […]

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