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The Sandbox Guide to… Marketing in 2022

Our first Guide of 2022 is designed to help map out your year ahead. We asked 25 thought-leaders in the modern music industry – including Aaron Bogucki, global head of audience development at AWAL, Beth Appleton, chief marketing officer at Jaxsta, Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO of Universal Music India and South Asia, and Molly […]

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FUGA talks expansion, experimentation and data drive

Four years ago, Amsterdam-based music distribution and marketing platform FUGA had just 12 employees and its only office was in the Netherlands.

Since then, it has expanded to 90 staff, with offices in New York (opened in 2016), London (2018) and Milan (also 2018). The company also raised €6m of investment from its shareholders in late 2017.

Latin America, Asia and Africa are next in FUGA’s sights for international expansion. It is also boosting its offering for clients with more-flexible deal structures, experimentation with blockchain technology, and significant improvements to its data dashboard.

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Sandbox Issue 216: Tuning In. Connected TV Marketing in Focus

Lead: Music on TV increasingly feels like a relic of the past. Only a handful of shows have any kind of musical guests today and even MTV stopped having promo videos as its main focus years ago. But marketing music on TV is on the cusp of something very interesting indeed. We look at how […]

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BPI/ERA publish new report on big data and the music industry

British industry bodies the BPI and ERA have published a new joint report: Magic Numbers: How Can Data and Analytics Really Help the Music Industry? 

The report was authored by Music Ally’s Eamonn Forde, and explores how improved understanding of the way fans discover, play and share songs and albums in the streaming era increasingly shapes how music is produced and promoted. You can get the free report via the link above. The report was launched at an event last night in London, with a panel of industry figures giving their views on the changing role of data, and what it means for labels, artists and DSPs alike.

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Music analytics in 2018: ‘Data will tell you what’s hot, but not what is good’

Tied to the publication of the new report from British industry bodies ERA and BPI (Magic Numbers: How Can Data & Analytics Really Help The Music Industry?) and written by Music Ally, an afternoon of presentations and panel discussion on the current state of music analytics / data and their future was held at the BPI’s office in London yesterday (9 July).

Lucy Blair, from the artist and label marketing team at Spotify UK, opened with a presentation on what the streaming service is doing in terms of data access to artists, labels and managers as well as where it is evolving next.

“There were more than 100 updates in a few months last year,” she revealed of the data tools Spotify opens to registered partners. Blair worked through the range of data sets open up to the music industry, giving tips on how best to read them and indicating what are the most accurate metrics of success and engagement.

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Big-data A&R startup TuneGo completes $7.7m funding round

Until recently, the idea of spotting emerging musicians through big data – analytics-driven A&R – was notable mainly for the ‘gut over data’ grumpiness it sparked on conference panels.

However, things are heating up in this space: in March, Warner Music Group acquired a startup called Sodatone that does exactly this task, while UK firm Instrumental announced a $4.2m funding round to continue developing its TalentAI platform, which mines Spotify and other services to identify artists with potential.

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Data and music marketing: tips for smarter success

Too often when there’s a data panel at a music-industry conference, the conclusions are 1.) Music marketers are overrun with data in the era of social networks and streaming services, and 2.) That the challenge isn’t getting this data, but making sense of it.

Both statements are true, but they are repeated so often they have become conference cliches. However, the data panel at the FastForward London conference this month tried to dig deeper to offer useful advice for music marketers.

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Report 390 – Limited Edition

In our cover feature we pick apart just what is so “exclusive” about exclusives. They represent the new arms race gripping services, driven in the main by Tidal and Apple Music and their keenness to grab market share; they are also being used as a stick to beat Spotify with. We need, however, to move on from […]

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