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Big Machine and Spotify have bad blood over Taylor Swift payouts

If you thought Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s blog post on artists and streaming would settle the waters with Taylor Swift and her label Big Machine, think again. The two companies are now publicly arguing about how much Swift has been paid for streams of her music on Spotify.

Ek’s claim that payouts for an artist of Swift’s scale “are on track to exceed $6 million a year” prompted Big Machine boss Scott Borchetta to tell Time that the label had received $496,044 for “domestic streams” of Swift’s music over the last 12 months.
These figures aren’t contradictory: Ek’s is for the near future and global, while Borchetta’s is for the last year and US-only. Both are telling the truth.

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Big Machine on Taylor Swift v Spotify: ‘There’s a big fist in the air over this’

We heard from Taylor Swift last week about the decision to pull her back catalogue from Spotify, and now her label’s founder Scott Borchetta has broken his silence on the matter too.

“We determined that her fan base is so in on her, let’s pull everything off of Spotify, and any other service that doesn’t offer a premium service,” he said in a radio interview. “Now if you are a premium subscriber to Beats or Rdio or any of the other services that don’t offer just a free-only, then you will find her catalogue.”

Borchetta also suggested a wider desire to nudge Spotify into bringing its policies into line with those rivals. “It’s already happening. I’ve had calls from so many other managers and artists. There’s a big fist in the air about this. Spotify is a really good service, they just need to be a better partner and there is a lot of support for this.”