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Campaigns :: 20 October 2021 – Halsey, Billie Eilish, Coldplay and Mike Posner

Halsey-on days: singer creates QR AR treasure hunt in an “immersive installation” Which ‘R’ is better? QR? AR? VR? Music marketers increasingly have all of them in their box of tricks to pull out when the budget allows for something a little grander. Pop star Halsey is covering a few eventualities here by soldering together […]

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Billie Eilish merch store will be integrated into livestream

We reported earlier this month on plans for Billie Eilish’s first livestream, the $30 ‘Where Do We Go? The Livestream’ concert on 24 October.

Startup Maestro is the technical partner, and it’s been talking about a new partnership with ecommerce firm Shopify that will see merch sold during the event.

Open to all artists using the platform, it will let fans browse and buy merchandise within the livestream, rather than being pushed out to another website.

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Billie Eilish set for Maestro-powered livestream concert

Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t Billie Eilish? Ticketed livestreams, we mean. Eilish announced plans yesterday for ‘Where Do We Go? The Livestream’ on 24 October, broadcasting from Los Angeles at 3pm PT. Fans paying $30 for a ticket will be able to watch live and stream the concert on-demand for up to 24 hours afterwards, with an exclusive line of merchandise for sale too.

According to Billboard, the partner for the show is Maestro, the startup that’s been building an increasingly-impressive roster of artist partners for paid livestreams. We wrote about its work with Erykah Badu on her ‘Apocalypse, Live from Badubotron’ quarantine concert series earlier this year, and it also helped Melissa Etheridge build a $50k-a-month business from her Etheridge TV broadcasts. Katy Perry and Tim McGraw are two of its other recent clients.

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Spotify launches a website for Billie Eilish’s ‘My Future’

Billie Eilish’s latest single ‘My Future’ has been streamed nearly 42m times on Spotify at the time of writing. That figure may be boosted by the latest marketing partnership between the artist and streaming service: a website called ‘A Letter to Your Future Self’.

It encourages fans to “write a letter and send it to the stars. It will come back to you in the future”. That means typing a message, signing it and then choosing a return date up to two years’ away, at which point it will be delivered to your chosen email address.

“While your Letter is private on this website, some of us at Spotify will be reading these Letters – don’t submit any illegal, derogatory, defamatory, offensive or hateful content. We’re not interested,” explain the terms. “You acknowledge that your submission of the Letter is for Spotify’s marketing purposes.”