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Lefsetz and Mulligan assess Amazon Music Unlimited

Sorry, Lefsetz and Mulligan aren’t a 70s folk duo – although it’s a thought. Prominent industry commentators Bob Lefsetz and Mark Mulligan have been having their say on Amazon Music Unlimited, which launched yesterday.

Lefsetz sees it as targeting Apple Music: “If you’re too anxious to go with the upstart Spotify, Amazon is a safe choice,” he wrote. “Never underestimate the price sensitivity of a consumer, especially when the competitor is so well trusted.”

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Bob Lefsetz blasts Jimmy Iovine (again) over freemium views

We reported yesterday on Apple’s Jimmy Iovine’s latest opinions on freemium music. Now he’s been taken to task (again) in an entertaining column by industry blogger Bob Lefsetz.

A short compilation of the ensuing burns follows:

“Every time Jimmy Iovine opens his mouth he digs his hole deeper… Jimmy knows loads about signing talent and selling music. Digital distribution of goods? HE’S CLUELESS!… Jimmy is now playing defense. He doth protest too much. He got his ninety days free, he’s responsible for a botched product. But suddenly it’s Spotify and YouTube’s fault?… He’s making these statements at a fat cat confab. Try saying the same things in front of the public, rotten tomatoes would be flying, boos would drown him out. Can Jimmy really be that out of touch? Yes… Kids don’t own televisions, if they watch on their computers or handsets at all. Jimmy would tell them to sit down in front of the big screen.”