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One-tap video app Trash wins NY:LON Connect startup showcase

One of the traditional highlights of the NY:LON Connect conference is the startup pitches session, and 2020’s event was no exception.

New York startup Trash emerged as the winner in an audience vote for the best pitch, but fellow pitchers Super Hi-Fi, MyPart, Boomy and FeedForward won plenty of plaudits from attendees too.

Music Ally first wrote about Trash in June 2019, when its app first launched. The company’s founder is Hannah Donovan, formerly GM of Vine, and before that, co-founder of music-discovery site This Is My Jam.

Trash is a ‘one-tap video app’ that uses AI technology to help people create videos with soundtracks from the material they’ve shot with their smartphones.

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Boomy talks AI music: ‘We want to make music that’s meaningful’

“Our goal was never to make music that was good! Maybe someday we will, and people will say it’s good. But our goal is to make music that’s meaningful. That’s a different kind of thing…”

Alex Mitchell is the CEO of Boomy, one of the youngest startups exploring the idea of… well, I would say AI-generated music, but as he’ll explain later, he thinks that particular term is meaningless. Nevertheless, Boomy has developed artificial-intelligence technology that anyone can use to create songs, using its web-based interface.

You log in, choose one of two styles (‘Beats By You’ or ‘Relaxing Meditation’) then a filter (modern, high intensity, maximum thump, electronic, vintage, ambient or unlimited in the former case, and pulses, natural or electronic in the latter), with a third ‘Advanced’ style for people who want to tweak more variables.

Once chosen, it takes around 13 seconds for Boomy to create you a song. Play it, then either click ‘Try Again’ to get another one; ‘Save’ to save it to your collection, or ‘Edit’ to dive in and tweak its settings and arrangements. The more you use it, the better Boomy learns your preferences, and tries to adapt to them whenever it creates you new songs.