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Campaigns – Oops!…I DID IT: A GAME – Sandbox 158

Now Britney Spears, with only around half of the social followers Perry has accumulated, is trying her hand at mobile gaming with Britney Spears: American Dream. It treads much the same path as previous Glu games: become a star with the help of your new digital pop pal (Britney), who guides you through recording studios, shooting promo videos and (oh-oh) navigating the threat of your pop nemesis who is also dreaming of the A-List life.

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Comparing the Britney Spears mobile game to Kendall and Kylie

Mobile gaming is predicted to be a $100bn industry in 2016, with the bulk of those revenues coming from “freemium” games that make their money from in-app purchases.

It’s no surprise to see the music industry hoping to capitalise, then. Mobile games firm Glu Mobile has signed licensing deals with Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, while Iron Maiden recently released their own freemium mobile game too.
Leaving metal aside for a moment, can the biggest pop stars be lucrative mobile-game hits? Glu’s latest financial results are a warning against getting too carried away with the idea.

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Sandbox 158 – Face Lift

Lead: Facebook wants more and more musicians to go native – i.e. by uploading videos directly onto their pages rather than embedding from YouTube or Vevo. With native uploads being pushed higher up the social network’s algorithm – and with labels battling over the yawning “value gap” with YouTube – the timing for Facebook’s play here […]

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