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The Sandbox Guide to… Live Audio

Our latest Sandbox Guide walks you through live audio – and how to use platforms like Clubhouse, Spotify’s Greenroom, and Twitter’s Spaces to create loyal fan communities, redefine the concept of “performance”, and host listening parties for new music or re-releases. (It arrives right on time, too: yesterday Spotify announced its Greenroom live audio app soft-launch!). This Guide is […]

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Twitter opens up Clubhouse-style ‘Spaces’ to many more users

‘Spaces’ is Twitter’s equivalent of Clubhouse: a feature that enables people to create virtual rooms and hold live audio discussions. Now it’s opening up in a big way beyond its initial invitation-only audience.

“Today, we’re bringing the ability to host a Space to all accounts with 600 or more followers on Twitter. Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience,” announced the company.

This means the feature should be available to many more professional musicians among others. That’s good news, because Spaces has potential for artists to jump on at short notice to hold Q&As with fans, for example.

We’ll be interested to see what other uses artists (not to mention other music industry figures) find for it in the coming weeks.

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Patreon and Clubhouse funding rounds come with $4bn valuations

Neither Patreon nor Clubhouse are ‘music/tech startups’ specifically, but both are highly relevant to our industry and – particularly in Patreon’s case – its artists. And it seems both companies may be rocking the same quadruple-unicorn (is that a thing?) valuation of $4bn with their latest funding rounds.

Only one of those rounds is official at this point. Fan-funding platform Patreon has raised $155m at a $4bn valuation in a round led by Tiger Global Management, with various other VCs chipping in. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that live-audio startup Clubhouse is in talks with investors to raise its next funding round with the same valuation, although the size of the funding is unconfirmed.

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Clubhouse adds payments feature to tip talkers you like

Clubhouse has ‘creators’ (i.e. people talking) and now it has a way to pay them if you like what they say. The company is introducing a payments feature, with users able to register a credit or debit card, then tap on someone’s profile to send them money.

For now, the feature is opening up gradually to users to receive payments, although anyone can make them. Clubhouse also said that 100% of the payments will go to the recipient, with the card processing fee (for partner Stripe) being charged to the person sending the money.

“Clubhouse will take nothing,” stated the company – although we wonder whether this might change in the future. “This will be the first of many features that allow creators and to get paid directly on Clubhouse,” promised the company.

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OurSouls takes on Clubhouse with NFT-minted live audio debates

2021 is the year audio startup Clubhouse became a $1bn unicorn, but it’s facing plenty of competition.

Twitter and Facebook already have Clubhouse-like features in testing, Spotify just bought Locker Room, and startup OurSouls is launching out of stealth mode this morning with an iPhone app, and funding led by VC firm Looflirpa Fund.

Silicon Valley veteran Hillman Hunter, fresh from a lucrative exit for his ephemeral payday-loans startup CashFlow·io, says it can take on the established live-audio competition.

“Our strength will be our community: literal OurSouls who are creators and consumers of compelling audio content,” he said.