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Katy Perry now has 90m followers on Twitter

Remember the days – 2009, specifically – when Ashton Kutcher, CNN and Britney Spears were racing to become the first Twitter account to reach 1m followers? Seven years on, and the milestones have increased considerably.

Late last week, Katy Perry became the first Twitter account to reach 90m followers, with musicians taking a clean sweep of the top three places on the social network.

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Facebook paying $50m to media and celebrities for live video

You’ll have noticed a growing number of celebs and media outlets using the Facebook Live video feature in recent weeks. What you may not have known is that many of them are being paid by the social network for this activity. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on Facebook’s agreements to pay more than $50m to individuals and media to use its new feature, including BuzzFeed, CNN, Mashable, Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Hart and other stars.