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The Sandbox Guide to… creating NFTs (and deciding if you should do it in the first place)

NFTs are undeniably exciting – but are equally confusing, with bloated million-dollar valuations, complicated terminology (a ‘gas fee’ is no longer confined to your rising heating bill) and the feeling that making the wrong move could damage your artist’s career. We think there should be no stupid questions when discussing NFTs – so this Sandbox […]

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Stablecoins, Bitcoin’s wild volatility, and how the crypto market works

There’s something funny happening with cryptocurrencies right now, and if you have any interest in combining music with crypto technology (like dropping an NFT, for instance), read on. Actually – this isn’t news, as such: there’s *always* something funny happening in the world of crypto – which is the reason you need to understand it, if only a little bit.

You’ll have noted that the value of Bitcoin – and thus all other cryptocurrencies of note – have dropped significantly recently and that NFT activity and hype has dipped too. In fact, between writing and editing this article, the price of Bitcoin dropped a further 10% and then went up again by 11%. That’s not just volatility, it’s bananas.

Knowing how the crypto world works – or being aware that you don’t understand it very well – is important if you are considering investing time, money and your artist’s reputation into it.

We’ve written a lot about things that live on various crypto frameworks – things like NFTs, that can make artists a lot of money very fast, or more slowly, by creating meaningful long-term relationships with fans. And we’ve written about technologies that promise to revolutionise how artists raise and share money, like Ditto’s fascinating Opulous “Decentralised Finance” (DeFi) platform.

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Sandbox Issue 274: OMG, NFTs, WTF? Music Ally’s guide to making and selling an NFT

Lead: After two excitable months, the wild, get-in-on-the-ground-floor hype around NFTs is starting to abate somewhat, and while interest – and cynicism – remains high, now is a good time to find out what we have learned so far. So here’s Music Ally’s analysis and guide to making and selling NFTs. What did people who made them find out? […]

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