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Social stars launch their own video-streaming service

There’s a new video-streaming service in town, called Zeus, but its founders are social-media stars rather than tech entrepreneurs or media companies.

Zeus is due to launch in early 2018, co-founded by Andrew ‘King Bach’ Bachelor, Amanda Cerny and DeStorm Power. According to Variety, the service will focus on categories including comedy, beauty, fashion and fitness, with other online influencers roped in to provide content.

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Sandbox 184: Save of the century, why pre-save is the new rave

Lead: A decade ago, the focus in album marketing was around the pre-order, using instant grats at the bait to get fans to order albums before they had even come out. Now the emphasis has shifted to the pre-save – primarily on Spotify – where marketers want to ensure albums are not lost in the […]

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DeStorm Power ‘Caught’ series claims 10m+ views an episode

American social star DeStorm Power has built up a decent audience on YouTube thanks to his own musical channel, and his appearances in the Epic Rap Battles of History show.

In 2017, he has a new music-related hit on his hands: a show called Caught. Heavily inspired by R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, it’s described as a “hip hopera” with a convoluted plot and lots of guest appearances from other online-video stars.

“I remember how hooked the world was to Trapped in the Closet when it was released a decade ago and decided to create my own story in a similar series-like format,” Power told industry site Tubefilter.