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Take charge of your own career with help from Ditto Music (sponsored post)

Whether you are dreaming of a glittering career as a recording artist or you simply want to get your music in the public domain, Ditto Music can put you in charge of your own destiny.

The huge influence of the Internet in the music industry means aspiring musicians no longer need to be discovered by the powerful music executives of international record labels. Instead, you can create your very own record label and manage music distribution yourself. With the help of Ditto, your music can get the audience it deserves.

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Ditto Music and Sonicbids fall out over acquisition

There is more squabbling afoot in the world of digital distribution and indie artists, with Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons causing a stir with strong criticism of Sonicbids, the ‘artist opportunities’ company that just got sold for $15m.

“As the new generation of music industry it is our job to help artists and break down barriers of entry. Sonicbids invented their own barrier between musician and promoter and got rich doing it,” writes Parsons on Digital Music News.