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DJ-tech firm Serato launches Pyro automatic-mixes app

Serato is best known for its software for professional DJs, but now it’s targeting a more mainstream audience with an iOS app called Pyro.

It’s an artificial-intelligence DJ in an app, promising that it “seamlessly mixes your music and never skips a beat”.

The app draws songs from those stored on a user’s device, but they can also sign in to Spotify Premium to get music from there. Pyro can mix the playlists a user has already created, or they can just choose one song to have it pick the rest of the setlist.

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Spotify gets into mixes with Party feature

Just in time for Christmas, Spotify unveiled an intriguing new feature yesterday called ‘Party’ that will serve up DJ-like mixes for listeners.

The streaming service is working with an actual human DJ too, Diplo, who has created “an exclusive set, resulting in more than 120 beautifully curated tracks, all easily tuned to the mood you’re after”.