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Sandbox 165: What’s Up, Doc?

Lead: Documentaries used to be ponderous 90-minute affairs, but now they are part of the “exclusive content” arms race, with digital services bankrolling them and chopping them into web-friendly consumable chunks. We look at how this is changing the way streaming services position themselves and what this new wave of original video programming will mean. Campaigns: Andrés […]

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Apple Music and Spotify in music documentary arms race

You stand around for ages waiting for a streaming music service to make a documentary about a band, a record label or a genre and then three show up at once. Etc. Possibly on the back on an exclusive deal with Cash Money and its artists (see yesterday’s bulletin), Apple Music is reportedly making a documentary about the label whose roster includes Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Oh, and Paris Hilton.