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Music Ally Quarterly Report :: Music/tech Startups 2022

While NFTs stole the headlines in 2022, a raft of other exciting developments took place, and various music/tech startups took leaps and bounds as they strove to create new technological opportunities for creativity, commerce, or collaboration in the music space. In this report, we take stock and figure out what it means – and what happens […]

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The latest BTS product is a Korean language-learning kit

In March, BTS launched a new video series online called ‘Learn Korean with BTS’ – 30 three-minute lessons teaching their global fanbase how to speak the band’s native language.

Now this has evolved into a physical package developed by the educational arm of Big Hit Entertainment, the band’s management company.

The new product includes four textbooks and a ‘sound pen’ that “lets you hear standard pronunciations when placed on text”, as well as keyboard stickers with the Korean alphabet and a notebook.

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SoundGym launches ‘a gym for the ears’ of musicians

A startup called SoundGym has launched a service called ToneGym, which it describes as “a new ear-training web application that uses deep gamification and deliberate practice methods to help musicians train, learn, improve skills, and unleash their full potential”.

Or, if you want the soundbite: “A gym for the ears”.

The web-based service will offer daily exercises, lessons on music theory, social features to connect with other musicians, and analytics to help track their progress.

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YouTube reaches new milestone: 1.9bn logged-in monthly users

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has revealed a new milestone for the service: 1.9 billion logged-in users a month, up from 1.5 billion in June 2017.

Wojcicki published the figure in a blog post giving YouTube channel-owners an update on its ‘five creator priorities’ in 2018, with another stat noting that “on average, users now watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day”.

Otherwise, the post doesn’t include much news: it’s more a summary of some of YouTube’s recent announcements for its community, from its redesigned creator dashboard and the option to charge $4.99 for ‘channel memberships’ to its community tab and merchandise partnerships.