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eMusic gets into livestreaming with eMusicLive launch

The last time we checked in on eMusic, it had just launched its eMU token as part of a blockchain drive, while its boss had joined the board of B2B firm 7digital. A few months on, the two companies are hopping aboard the livestreaming bandwagon.

eMusic is launching a platform called eMusicLive, which it says will be a way for artists to put on virtual concerts and earn money from them “by bundling ticketing, music sales, merchandise and collectibles” as well as signing sponsorship deals.

These performances might be hosted directly on eMusicLive, but artists can also embed their livestreams from YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

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eMusic CEO talks blockchain, transparency and MP3’s survival

eMusic made its name with a subscription-based music downloads service focused on independent labels, before adding major labels in 2010 – a controversial move at the time.

Eight years on, the company is planning an even-bigger shift: launching a new music-distribution and royalty-management system that will use blockchain technology.

This month, eMusic is launching a public pre-sale for the eMusic Utility (EMU) token which will be used on this new platform, with the company hoping to raise $70m from selling the tokens, and claiming that the new system will improve payments to artists and bring greater transparency to digital royalties.

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eMusic claims it will raise $70m for its blockchain plans

We reported earlier this year, somewhat sceptically, on digital-music service eMusic’s plans for a blockchain-powered relaunch. Now the company has given more details about how much money it’s planning to raise to fund its pivot to a ‘decentralised music distribution and royalty management system’.

eMusic says that it’s shooting for $70m in its token sale, which will kick off with a public pre-sale in September, followed by a token generation event (TGE, if you’re keeping track of these acronyms) straight after.

Cue rhetoric: “Today’s supply chain is full of blockers, middlemen and inefficiencies that create barriers for artists’ music to get from the studio to fans’ headphones. eMusic is going to fix this problem using an all-new blockchain platform that provides a more streamlined, transparent and autonomous structure benefiting all parties,” said CEO Tamir Koch.

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eMusic sees blockchain technology as its next big move

Digital music service eMusic has been doing some soul-searching about the future of its business. “eMusic is at a crossroads. Do we stay the course and focus on a shrinking digital downloads market? Do we enter into losing streaming agreements that conflict with the company’s ethos of championing the indie artist?” asks a ‘light paper’ published by the company.

“Or, do we double down on our beliefs and make a move towards fixing what we see as a flawed system?” Take a guess which option it’s plumping for. “eMusic is embracing Blockchain and its ability to correct an imbalanced industry,” claims the paper, which sketches out some of the company’s plans.

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eMusic returns with discounted downloads for collectors

Here’s a blast from the past: indie-focused digital music service eMusic has been revamped, following its acquisition by cloud-services firm TriPlay in 2015.

The emphasis is still on ownership and buying, with a catalogue of 32m tracks to choose from. The new eMusic is being pitched as “a complete digital music discovery and listening experience that is perfect for the collector who values music ownership, and supports their favourite artists and labels through the purchase of music”.

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7digital to power relaunch of eMusic

Fresh from being acquired by a company called TriPlay, veteran music-downloads service eMusic has announced a deal with 7digital to provide the music catalogue – as well as rightsholder reporting – for its relaunch.

The new eMusic will have a catalogue of more than 25m songs, including high-res audio in CD and FLAC quality, albeit seemingly not yet the new MQA format that 7digital is heavily involved with.

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MyMusicCloud owner TriPlay buys eMusic

eMusic has been sold again. The music downloads service has gone through a succession of owners over the last decade and a half, with its latest parking spot being at TriPlay – the firm behind cloud-music service MyMusicCloud.

The company has acquired eMusic for an undisclosed amount – although TechCrunch claims it’s “under $26m” – and plans to integrate eMusic into its wider range of services.