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Feature·fm adds conversion data from Anghami, Qobuz and more

We’ve reported on Linkfire’s various partnerships to get conversion (or ‘attribution’) data from streaming services, so that music marketers can tell not just that fans tapped or clicked on smart links, but whether they streamed, followed etc afterwards.

But this isn’t an idea confined to one smart-links company. Feature·fm has just announced the addition of its own conversion and attribution features, starting with artists’ own merchandise stores, as well as from data partners Rough Trade, Anghami and Qobuz.

“The advanced attribution data we provide means you will be able to see conversion data for sales, streams and revenue after a fan clicks through to a store from one of your links,” promised the company, which is making the feature available to its Pro Artist, Pro Marketer and Enterprise customers.

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Sandbox Issue 220: Vault-ing Ambitions

Lead: While Netflix viewers are currently obsessing over Marie Kondo and her rules on de-cluttering the home (instructing viewers to only hold onto the things that “spark joy”), a different approach needs to happen in digital marketing. Rather than binning everything but the essentials, archivists and markets should be retaining as much as they can […]

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Posted inNews debuts ‘Ultimate Pre-Save’ for streaming services

Music-marketing firm has a new tool called ‘Ultimate Pre-Save’, which will help artists and labels run pre-save campaigns for their new albums on streaming services. And yes, that’s plural services: at launch, the tool supports Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

The company is hoping to make it easier for labels to run these kinds of campaigns: the first pre-save used an in-house tool built by Kobalt, while Apple has recently launched its own ‘Pre-Add’ feature as part of its platform.

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MidemLab reveals the 30 music startups to watch in 2014

The annual MidemLab music startups contest has showcased some important firms down the years: the likes of SoundCloud, Songkick, The Echo Nest and Kickstarter have all featured in past events.

Now the contest’s organisers, Reed Midem, have announced the 30 finalists for the 2014 MidemLab contest – big disclosure, Music Ally is a partner for the competition and helped choose this year’s crop.

All 30 will present during the Midem conference in Cannes in early February, with a panel of judges including Public Enemy’s Chuck D and representatives from Pandora, Warner Music Group, Samsung, Vivendi and several high-profile venture capital firms.