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Amazon Music backs Featured Artists Coalition ‘Step Up Fund’

Another UK organisation launching a new fund is the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), which has secured Amazon Music’s backing for its ‘Step Up Fund’.

It will provide financial support and other benefits for up to 10 emerging artists, with musicians who have released at least three tracks in the last year; with a minimum of 10k streams per song on a ‘mainstream streaming service’ who are not signed to a major or independent label invited to apply.

“Step Up is a natural expansion of our role, as we look to provide further assistance to artists at a critical point in their journey,” said CEO David Martin.

It’s the latest example of a DSP putting its money behind this kind of scheme in the UK: see also YouTube Music’s Amplify London partnership with the London Music Fund and Sound Connections in 2020 and (for managers rather than artists) its accelerator program with the MMF.

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Deezer and FAC launch mentoring program for emerging artists

Streaming services are launching programs and partnerships with up-and-coming artists left, right and centre at the moment. Every DSP is keen to build relationships with artists as early as possible, in ways that don’t alienate labels of course.

The latest example is a deal between Deezer and the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) to launch a mentoring program for emerging artists. It’s starting with a ‘Deezer x FAC Masterclass’ for 10 independent artists, which will provide them with a day of seminars and mentorship.

“The curriculum of our Masterclass and the skills we focus on are all geared towards helping artists grow their streams and connect with more fans,” promised Deezer’s VP of global artist relations Nigel Harding.