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Music Ally Startup Files: Flutin, India’s new music discovery app

Indian startup Flutin has a bold, dual-pronged mission: to round up millions of music fans and serve them – for free – new music that they’ll love; and to provide artists with an easy-to-reach fanbase that’s eager to engage and even purchase.

Dig a little deeper into the company, and there are some interesting lessons on how the music industry might find new ways to make a lot more money from streaming platforms in the future.

Music Ally chatted to Flutin CEO and Co-founder Vishu Gupta about his ambitions for an app that by October 2019 had been downloaded nearly 10m times, and had 370,000 daily active users.

Gupta describes the app as a home for emerging artists, who Flutin treats as small businesses needing tools to growth-hack themselves to success. “They can identify their relevant audience with Flutin and promote their music to them, increasing their fanbase with relevant users.”