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Watch seven Dave Grohls create a track in his new documentary

We love Dave Grohl as a musician and as a famously-lovely human being. But even for us, the prospect of sitting through a 23-minute instrumental track where he plays every single instrument might be a tough sell.

But ‘PLAY’ is actually quite a fun idea: a two-part mini-documentary directed by Grohl himself about the life of a musician. But the second part is the full 23-minute studio performance, with seven Daves – playing drums, bass, keyboards, percussion and three guitars – cut together as if they’re in the studio simultaneously.

Fans can choose to switch between the seven cameras trained on the different Grohls, as well as a ‘master’ cut. Available in its interactive form on its own website, it’s also been made available in non-interactive form in the UK on the BBC’s iPlayer service.

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Sandbox Issue 188: Wham, Bam, Instagram

Lead: Speak to any artist and ask them what social platform they prefer most and chances are they’ll say Instagram. Away from the trolling on Twitter and the sinkhole of posts on Facebook, Instagram offers a calmer place and an opportunity for the artists to express their own creativity. Plus, as a bonus, it is growing […]

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Watch the stars with new Foo Fighters mobile-web app

The Foo Fighters have worked with former Songkick developer Lee Martin on an inventive mobile-web video for new track ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’.

The video sees the band playing on the roof of a cabin with a backdrop of the night sky. The twist for the mobile version is that it’s the actual constellations from the current standpoint of the viewer.

It’s a cross between a music video and stargazing apps like Star Walk and Night Sky.

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Sandbox Issue 180: WhatsApp Doc? Marketing with Messaging Apps

Lead: WhatsApp has 1.2bn monthly users. Amazing. But the music industry is barely using it as a marketing platform. Not amazing. So why not? There are (still) pragmatic issues such as as a cap on the number of users in a group and no way of automating messages; but there are equally huge opportunities. We speak […]

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Foo Fighters release free Saint Cecilia EP after Paris attacks

Well, ‘Saint Cecilia’ wasn’t originally intended as a response to the recent terror attacks in Paris: Foo Fighters were planning to release it at the end of their latest world tour as a free gift for fans.

“This project has now taken on an entirely different tone. As has everything, it seems,” wrote Dave Grohl in a letter to fans on the EP’s official site.

“Now, there is a new, hopeful intention that, even in the smallest way, perhaps these songs can bring a little light into this sometimes dark world. To remind us that music is life, and that hope and healing go hand in hand with song.”

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Foo Fighters target their top Spotify listeners with UK contest

Rock band Foo Fighters have become one of the first artists (as far as we know) to work with Spotify on a marketing campaign targeting their top listeners on the music-streaming service.

Some of those fans have received an email titled “A personal thank you from the Foo Fighters and Spotify” encouraging them to enter a competition to win tickets and merchandise from the band, as they tour the UK.

“You are receiving this exclusive email offer because you are one of the Foo Fighters top listeners on Spotify,” explained the email.