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On Frank Ocean, Universal, Apple Music and exclusives

There are a lot of assumptions being made about the current situation between Frank Ocean, Universal Music and Apple.

The fact that Ocean’s visual album ‘Endless’ (released through UMG) was followed so swiftly by his ’Blond’ album (released through his own label) is provoking plenty of dot-joining.

The theory: Ocean fulfilled his label deal with ‘Endless’ then sucker-punched UMG with ‘Blond’ in cahoots with Apple, sparking rage in the senior ranks of Universal, and a new blanket-ban on streaming exclusives for its artists.

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Frank Ocean releases ‘Blond’ album

Yes, Frank Ocean’s new album is actually available.

No, it’s not called ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ – that’s the 360-page magazine that the physical version of the album is package with. No, it’s not called ‘Endless’ – it turns out the 45-minute visual album that Ocean released through Apple last week isn’t the full new album.

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Tumblr’s live video move ties in with YouTube and others

As expected, Tumblr launched its live-streaming video feature yesterday, but there was a twist in the way the feature works. Rather than compete with other platforms, Tumblr is working with them. “You can post live videos through YouNow (iOS, Android), Kanvas (iOS, Android), Upclose (iOS, Android) and YouTube (Android-ready right now, iOS-ready in a few days),” explained the company in a blog post.