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Apple Music: ‘millions’ of listeners but also FTC interest

Apple announced its latest quarterly results last night, and while the company resisted the temptation to give hard stats on the performance of its new Apple Music service, CEO Tim Cook did throw out a few nuggets.
“Millions and millions of customers are already experiencing the new service using the three-month trial period, and the numbers are growing substantially every day,” Cook told analysts. “Over 15,000 artists have signed up to post on Connect, where we are already seeing great original content… Millions of listeners around the world are tuning in to Beats 1.”
So yes, quite vague, and the priorities of the analysts on the call meant none of them probed further: with the three-month free trial still underway, Apple Music isn’t having any impact on the company’s bottom line, even with the company’s pre-launch u-turn on royalty payments during the trial.