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YouTube Red launches in US with row over creator payouts

Another day, another row about whether creators will get paid for use of their content during a free trial.

This time, Taylor Swift isn’t involved: it’s YouTubers wondering whether they’ll get paid for views of their videos during the 30-day free trial of YouTube Red.

The video giant’s new subscription service launched yesterday in the US only, with users getting a month of free access before starting to pay $9.99 a month.

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YouTube stars: funding offers, live gigs and copyright lawsuits

There’s a lot of news bubbling around about YouTubers this morning, so we’re wrapping three stories into one. They’re not linked, as such, but together they give a picture of some of the more interesting (but in one case, concerning) developments for the community that’s been building up on Google’s video service.

The first is a report on the Wall Street Journal fleshing out recent rumours that YouTube is considering a new round of investment in content. The interesting aspect here: the claim that YouTube is “offering to fund additional programming in return for a portion of the proceeds when creators distribute the content elsewhere” online.

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YouTube’s biggest MCNs team up for Global Online Video Association

Together, they are stronger? That’s what a group of the biggest YouTube multi-channel networks are hoping, with the formation of a trade body called the Global Online Video Association (GOVA for short).
Launch members include Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio, Big Frame, BroadbandTV, DECA, Discovery’s Revision3, Magnet Media and MiTu Networks, and they’re stressing that the initiative is less about ganging up on YouTube to get better terms, and more about working together to attract more advertisers into the online video space.

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Music publishers sue YouTube MCN Fullscreen for copyright infringement

The brave new world of YouTube multi-channel networks (MCNs) is presenting big opportunities for music, but also some familiar licensing rows. News yesterday from the US National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) illustrated both.

The body has agreed “in principle” a licensing deal with one of the biggest MCNs, Maker Studios, which will pay publishers and songwriters for “past infringement” as well as future use of their works by Maker’s stable of YouTubers. However, the NMPA is suing rival MCN Fullscreen for copyright infringement.