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Campaigns :: 17 November 2021 – Slipknot, U2, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Fred again..

To NFT or ‘knot to NFT? Metal band get cryptically non-fungible Cryptic teaser campaigns, hidden audio snippets and NFTs are all common components in music marketing today – but metal band Slipknot have decided to roll them all up together in one place for maximum impact (and, let’s be honest, maximum marketing topicality). On a […]

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Emma McGann talks music, live video and finding fans on YouNow

Live video is an increasingly common way for musicians to interact with their fans, from album and tour launches on Facebook to fan Q&As on Instagram and even streaming gaming sessions on Twitch or YouTube.

One aspect of livestreaming that still flies under the western music industry’s radar, though, are standalone live-video apps like YouNow, LiveMe and (until it was shut down in June 2018) Yet these apps, with their native stars and tip-based economies, are well worth studying.

One example of a musician building her audience through this route is British artist Emma McGann. She has nearly 204,000 fans on YouNow, where her videos have generated nearly 11m views since she started broadcasting using the app four years ago.

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MelodyVR app to launch in eight more countries tomorrow

Virtual-reality music app MelodyVR is expanding beyond its initial launch markets of the UK and US. As of tomorrow (26 June) it will also be available in France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Belgium – mirroring the European rollout of Facebook’s Oculus Go VR headset.

In an announcement to the markets this morning, MelodyVR’s parent company EVR Holdings added that the company “is now revenue generative and that early user engagement numbers and metrics have proven to be positive” – albeit without any specific figures for now.

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MelodyVR signs European collecting-society deals

British virtual-reality startup MelodyVR has announced its latest set of deals this morning: with various European collecting societies.

The agreements, covering use of songwriter copyrights in MelodyVR’s upcoming service, are (so it claims) the first such deals to license a VR service. They cover rights in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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Looking back and ahead, indie labels preach the gospel of patience

If nothing else, the 2017 edition of A2IM’s Indie Week—a gathering on New York City’s Lower East Side of over 800 representatives across the indie music spectrum, from labels and publishers to distributors, streaming services and startups—was a grand, prolonged call for patience.

The music industry’s constant hunger for data tends to color patience as a handicap, rather than as a virtue. After all, we’ve come a long way since the early days of terrestrial radio, MySpace and Napster, to the point where streaming services can give us a laser-focused, almost immediate gauge of how markets are reacting to the latest music.

As we learn to embrace rather than shun emerging technologies, many would argue that we’ve also earned our right to work more efficiently and make quicker decisions.