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Harmonix to launch card’n’app-based music game DropMix

Music games developer Harmonix has unveiled its latest idea: a combination of real-world and digital play, but still based on music.

The game is called DropMix, and it’s a collaboration with Hasbro that will be released in September. The game is a physical card game with its digital elements provided by a player’s smartphone.

“Each card in DropMix represents a different part of a song – like vocals, bass, drums, etc. As you place cards on the electronic DropMix board, which connects to a free app on your iOS or Android device, you and your friends will hear a custom mix start to take shape in real-time,” explained Harmonix in a blog post.

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Music games firm Harmonix raises $15m

Music games developer Harmonix is preparing for the release of console title Rock Band 4, and now it has $15m to bolster its future plans.

The company raised the new funding round from the Foundry Group and Spark Capital, and is planning to use it to explore new technologies and platforms.

“VR is a big focus for the studio moving forward,” said CEO Steve Janiak. “Having funding on hand to invest in emerging platforms where we can be innovative is important. We don’t need the pressure of having it be an immediate hit. That’s why we do fundraising.”