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Hookd rebrands as Lickd and adds Hospital Records catalogue

We reported on the launch of Hookd in September: the British startup is launching a ‘pre-cleared, commercial music licensing solution for online video creators’. Basically a way for YouTubers to license labels’ tracks for use in their videos for as little as £6.

In the weeks since, there’s been a change: Hookd is now known as Lickd: a different name, if the same distrust of the letter ‘e’.

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Hookd launches music-licensing service for YouTube creators

In January this year, we spotted a new British startup called Hookd that was planning to offer “the world’s first pre-cleared, commercial music licensing solution for online video creators”.

Today, Hookd is launching its service officially. It will use a ‘pay-per-licence’ model, charging YouTubers from £7 to £150 per track based on their average video viewership, with “the lion’s share” of these revenues going to rightsholders.

The company is launching with a catalogue of thousands of tracks, with independent firms Hospital Records, Sentric Music and Wipeout Music among the first music companies to sign up for the service.

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Facebook Messenger evolves: here’s what it means for music

As predicted, Facebook announced plans yesterday to turn its Facebook Messenger app into a bona-fide platform for external developers, while also confirming that the messaging app now has 600 million monthly active users.
(Or, to channel Xzibit: ‘Yo dawg, Facebook heard you like messaging apps, so it put some more messaging apps in your messaging app’.)

It’s a strategy that makes sense, given the similar platforms and developer communities being developed by the likes of WeChat, Line and KakaoMusic in Asia.