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Spotify / Hulu bundle signups end in the US for everyone except students

Spotify launched its first bundled subscription with video-streaming service Hulu in the US in September 2017, for $4.99 a month. The company later rolled it out as a $12.99-a-month option for all American customers in April 2018, then dropped the price to $9.99 a month in March this year.

Now a surprise: Spotify has ended the ability of anyone except students to sign up for a combined Spotify/Hulu subscription. “It’s no longer possible to sign up to this deal unless you’re eligible for the student discount,” explains a page on Spotify’s support website.

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Hulu now has 17m subscribers after adding 5m since 2016

Video-streaming service Hulu has announced its latest milestone: 17 million subscribers. That’s up from 12 million in May 2016, which means the service has averaged just 263,000 net new subscribers a month over that period.

Compare that to Netflix, which has been adding around five million subscribers a quarter in recent times, albeit with a global footprint rather than Hulu’s more US-focused business.

In the US, Netflix ended last September with 51.4 million subscribers, which is a better comparison to Hulu. However, the latter has more metrics which paint a positive picture of its business.

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YouTube and Hulu both working on streaming-TV services

By which we mean services that stream traditional cable channels over the internet – obviously, both YouTube and Hulu are already streaming ‘TV’ to people.

Hulu has confirmed its plans to offer both live and recorded shows from a bundle of channels belonging to its co-owners 21st Century Fox, the Walt Disney Company and NBCUniversal, with a likely cost of $40 per month for subscribers.