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IAB report quantifies Covid-19 hit to US podcast ad revenues

Advertising industry body the IAB has published its latest figures on the podcast ads market in the US. “With an expected growth rate of 14.7%, US podcast advertising revenues are nearing the $1bn mark,” it claimed.

Are they really, though? The report doesn’t actually give a figure for its 2020 revenue prediction, but it does for 2019: $708.1m. 14.7% growth on that would mean $812.2m of podcast advertising revenues in 2020. It’s certainly nearer to $1bn than last year, but ‘near’ seems a bit of a stretch.

The report does explain how the IAB has revised its original forecasts for the year though: it expected 29.6% growth for the US podcast ads market this year (which would have taken it to $917.7m) before the Covid-19 pandemic hoved into view, causing many ad campaigns to be put on hold.

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City of London Police’s Operation Creative targets ad-sponsored piracy

One of the trends we’ve been following this year is the growing debate within the music industry about “ad-sponsored piracy” – adverts for famous, well-respected brands appearing on (and thus funding) sites devoted to piracy.

A couple of times in public appearances this year, BPI boss Geoff Taylor has alluded to a partnership with the advertising industry and police to crack down on such sites, while promising more info at a later date. That date came yesterday via an announcement by City of London Police.

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Liveblog: BPI and IAB talk Brand Advertising on Pirate Sites

A panel session about brand-sponsored piracy featuring the BPI and Interactive Advertising Bureau? Haven’t we been here before? Yes, in May 2013 actually: that conference saw Google and musician David Lowery in the mix too.

There were unlikely to be quite as many sparks today at the Copyright & Technology conference in London, with no Google. But the panel promised an interesting debate nonetheless with Geoff Taylor from the BPI, Nick Stringer from the IAB, Nick Swimer from law firm Reed Smith, and consultant Jeremy Penston.

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Live: Google, David Lowery and the BPI talk ad-funded piracy

The topic of ad-funded piracy has been increasingly prominent in recent months, with musician David Lowery, Beggars Group founder Martin Mills, music industry body the BPI and the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (among others) questioning why so many big brands’ ads appear on sites that are engaged in piracy.
Tonight, Lowery and BPI boss Geoff Taylor took part in a MusicTank debate at the University of Westminster in London addressing this very subject – Follow the Money: Can The Business of Ad-Funded Piracy Be Throttled? – on a heavyweight panel that promised plenty of sparks.