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Apple’s latest monster quarter: $42.1bn revenues and $8.5bn net profit

Apple reported its latest quarterly financials last night, and as results go they were pretty stonking. The company’s revenues rose 12.3% year-on-year to $42.1bn for the quarter, while its net profit rose 13.3% to $8.5bn.
In the third quarter of this year – Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter – the company sold 39.3m iPhones, 12.3m iPads, 5.5m Mac computers and 2.6m iPods, while the company’s iTunes Store set a new record for billings of $5.4bn, albeit fuelled more by apps than music, as the App Store passed 85bn total downloads during the quarter.

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Apple financials: iTunes boom, iPod’s decline and record sales for iPhone and iPad

For all the chatter about competition from Android, Apple isn’t on its uppers just yet. The company announced its latest quarterly financials last night, revealing $57.6bn of revenues and a $13.1bn net profit for the final quarter of 2013 – up 5.7% and flat respectively year-on-year.

Apple sold 51m iPhones and 26m iPads during the quarter, which were both records, as well as 4.8m Mac computers. The company ended the year with $80.3bn of current assets, leaving it well placed for further investments in 2014 and beyond: from the rollout of iTunes Radio across the world to sinking money into new manufacturing capabilities and (possibly) new devices like watches and TVs.