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Sandbox Issue 190: Retarget practice

Lead: Have you ever been hounded around the internet by an ad for a gas boiler or cheap flights? Of course you have. It’s 2017, after all. That is, as you’ll know, symptomatic of bad retargeting. But don’t mock too soon as the music industry is far from innocent here. We speak to marketing executives […]

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Analysis: what’s the real cost of secondary ticketing?

Chance The Rapper, Iron Maiden, Mumford & Sons, Pixies and more are getting louder and louder about what they see as the scourge of secondary ticketing. They feel fans are being fleeced and a stand has to be made.

Beyond the fan-centric altruism, there is a bigger story about the “dark economy” around secondary where billions of dollars a year are bleeding away from artists and into both the secondary platforms’ bottom lines as well as the hands of avaricious “power sellers”.

Just how much is at stake and what, if anything, can be done to cauterise this value gap that makes the record labels’ war on YouTube look like small beer?

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Iron Maiden promise to beat the touts… with Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster and Live Nation have tended to be in the firing line for criticism of the secondary ticketing market in recent times.

So it’s interesting to see the companies working with Iron Maiden on a paperless-ticketing initiative that the band say will tackle “ludicrously inflated” secondary prices.

Every venue on the band’s 2017 UK tour will offer paperless ticketing “in full or in part”, with fans required to show a credit or debit card plus photo ID when they enter the concert.

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Campaigns: 666: The Founder of the Beast – Sandbox 153

We have written a lot in the past about Iron Maiden and gaming – and that’s for two reasons: they are not arrivistes as they have been doing this for years; and because of that, they’re really good at it. You see, it pays to do something properly over a long time rather than trying to quickly bluff it because it’s the fashionable option.

Legacy Of The Beast, the band’s first mobile game (their others have been browser-based), is coming later in the summer but they are already laying the groundwork and also testing something new to help bankroll the game in advance. For eager fans, they have launched a series of seven “founder packs” that start at £7.44 and go all the way up to £354.18 (and, wonderfully, are limited to 666 fans).

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Sandbox 161 – Hit or Hype

Lead: The music industry runs on hype – but it takes great pains to disguise it and is distrustful of anything that is too explicit in what it is trying to achieve. Step forward Broken Witt Rebels, the band that media agency MEC is trying to break by “non-traditional” means. We speak to the team behind it all about what they did, why they did it and the impact it had. We also speak to a marketing expert to hear why they were not blown away by any of it.

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Sandbox 145 – Window Shopper: The New Wave of Windowing

Lead: In the “old days” (i.e. five years ago), big albums would have been kept off streaming services in other to push download and CD sales. Today windowing is often about pushing streams as much as possible – except on YouTube. The video site has been criticised in the past over its payment rates and […]

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