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Jazzed streaming jazz service plans expansion and HD tier

We wrote about the launch of jazz-focused streaming service Jazzed in the UK earlier this year, with its blend of an ad-supported free tier and a premium subscription.

Now the service is set for expansion on two fronts. The plans are revealed in an announcement from its B2B partner 7digital, which says it will be supporting Jazzed “to launch globally in new territories” and also in “rolling out a new tier of its music service, which will include HD lossless audio”.

The latter had already been trailed by Jazzed at launch. While its first two tiers offered radio and TV-like music and video ‘channels’ to listen to, it was planning a third tier with on-demand music.

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Music streaming service Jazzed to launch with a focus on jazz

We’ve seen a handful of dedicated classical-music streaming services, but now jazz is getting the niche-DSP treatment. Jazzed is a UK-based startup preparing to launch its streaming service on 12 February, focused entirely on jazz.

The service will initially offer two tiers: an ad-supported free tier with 10 curated audio channels, a TV channel and the ability to watch concerts, sessions and music videos, as well as read articles; and a ‘Jazzed+’ tier for £5.99 a month, with more audio and TV channels, plus video exclusives and no ads.

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Artist Mike Casey talks streams, playlists and jazz growth

When we think of the musical genres that are benefitting most from streaming, it tends to be hip-hop, R&B, dance and pop. And when we think about the genres that may be getting something of a raw deal, jazz and classical often spring to mind.

And yet… in both genres, there are artists who are finding ways to reach fans and build sustainable careers. Mike Casey is a good example for jazz: in two years so far, his music has been streamed more than 2m times – and that’s with no label or team behind him.

Casey recently released his second album, ‘Stay Surprising Live at the Side Door’, and talked to Music Ally about how he’s been going about his business.