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TikTok adds 11 John Lennon tracks plus an official account

If John Lennon had lived to his 80th birthday last Friday (9 October) we’re fairly sure he’d have been on TikTok – probably unicycling down a road glugging pineapple juice while lip-syncing to ‘Working Class Hero’ or somesuch.

Sadly impossible now, but John Lennon does now have an official TikTok account, courtesy of a partnership between the social app, his estate and Universal Music Group.

His account has nearly 49,000 followers at the time of writing (one one thousand and eighty sixth of a Charli D’Amelio to use our preferred metric in these matters), but the wider impact will come from the launch of 11 of Lennon’s solo tracks on TikTok, for other creators to use.

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Sandbox Issue 214: Radio Ahead. Pitching to the non-traditional radio giants

Lead: In the good old days, you could just employ a plugger to get your songs played on radio (or, if you had deep pockets and shallow morals, you could engage in some light payola). Today what “radio” actually is has twisted and turned so much as to be unrecognisable and the old ways of […]

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Spotify adds John Lennon back catalogue. Next stop, Beatles?

When it comes to digital music, The Beatles are still tied to Apple. But step-by-step, Spotify is bagging the Fab Four – even if it’s having to do it individually with solo works.

Ringo Starr’s been on Spotify for a while – his live version of Yellow Submarine has been streamed nearly 365,000 times, y’know. Paul McCartney’s back catalogue was removed from streaming services in 2010, but returned in late 2012.