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Spotify falls foul of BTS Army with chopsticks-emoji tweet

And *that* is certainly a headline we couldn’t have envisaged writing when this bulletin started life 15 years ago, folks… Spotify probably thought it was having some light-hearted fun when it published a blog post called Five Artists That Can Help Us Decipher The Curious Language of Emoji last week.

But a tweet promoting the piece saw the streaming service arouse the wrath of one of the most fervent online fandoms in music: the BTS Army. The tweet used emoji to suggest that Black Sabbath fans love the devil-horns-hand emoji, while the BTS Army “can’t get enough” of the chopsticks emoji.

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K-Pop companies team up to create ‘the Korean version of Vevo’

YouTube has played a significant role in the spread of K-Pop music far beyond its homeland of South Korea, from Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ to the recent global success of BTS – and plenty of artists in between. Now a group of K-Pop music companies are teaming up for a new venture, Music and Creative Partners Asia (MCPA), to push things on.

Mystic Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, Starempire, SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment aren’t hiding the inspiration for MCPA either, describing it in their announcement as “The Korean version of Vevo”.

They explain: “MCPA will serve as a representative window for determining and negotiating music video distribution and related policies for YouTube and other global digital service platforms, and will also provide new platform services for distributing music video contents. In addition, it plans to discuss various business expansion plans including not only music video but also a broadcasting platform for the production and supply of new contents using related IP.”

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BTS beat YouTube’s 24-hour views record for 2018

Despa-WHO-to? K-Pop band BTS are the flavour of the month (again) on YouTube with their new single ‘Fake Love’.

According to the video service, the official video did 35.9m views in its first 24 hours: the biggest such total in 2018 so far, and third in the all-time rankings for this particular metric (behind the 43.2m views for Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and 36m for Psy’s ‘Gentleman’.)

YouTube published the top 10 list for 24-hour music-video debuts while announcing BTS’ milestone, and it makes for interesting reading.

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First BTS ‘Burn the Stage’ episode does 3.9m views in 15 hours

The first two episodes of K-Pop stars BTS’ new ‘Burn the Stage’ documentary series went live on YouTube overnight.

The first episode was made available for free on the band’s own channel, with the second (and future) episodes being kept behind the YouTube Red subscription paywall.

That first instalment is already proving popular: the 21-minute episode has been watched more than 3.9m times in its first 15 hours after going live. (Update: after 20 hours it’s up to 4.6m views).

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Sandbox Issue 200: Pod it like it’s Hot

This week’s lead feature looks at podcasting, and its relevance to labels and artists. With an estimated 484 million podcast listeners worldwide at the end of 2017, can the format help bring back some of the context to music that risks being lost in modern consumption habits? Our Tools feature focuses on three startups that […]

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K-Pop stars BTS are getting their own YouTube Red series

YouTube has been one of the main engines behind the global success of K-Pop band BTS in the last year. Now they’re getting their own series on its YouTube Red subscription service.

The eight-episode series is called BTS: Burn The Stage, and will launch on 28 March, offering fans an “intimate, personal portrayal” of the band’s 2017 world tour.

The structure of the series is interesting. Its first two episodes will both be released on 28 March through the band’s YouTube channel, with the first episode free for anyone to watch, but the second behind the YouTube Red paywall. After that, new episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

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Jukedeck takes its AI music to Korea with K-Pop collaboration

2018 may be the year of the AI/human music collaboration. British AI music startup Jukedeck is the latest company to work with musicians in an effort to show it’s a friend not a foe for human creators.

The firm has teamed up with South Korean music stable Enterarts, with some of its K-Pop songwriters taking compositions from Jukedeck’s algorithm and turning them into full songs.

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BTS included: Spotify hails its 6.6bn K-Pop streams since 2015

Spotify users have streamed 6.6bn songs from K-Pop artists since the company launched its K-Pop hub in 2015, racking up more than 14.4bn minutes of listening.

That’s according to a blog post published by Spotify yesterday hailing the growth of streams for South Korean pop artists on its service since its hub went live in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2015.