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Sandbox Issue 272: DSP’s Emerging Talent Programmes – how do you get on one, what happens if you do, and is there a catch?

Lead: Each DSP has a programme dedicated to supporting new artists: weaponising the platform by endorsing them to a large audience, and hopefully accelerating their careers. Places on these programmes are, of course, keenly sought after – so what is experienced by that lucky few? Is it really the win-win it seems? What do artists need […]

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Roxi reveals its latest artist shareholder: Kylie Minogue

If online concert ticket sales wasn’t enough Kylie Minogue news this morning, here’s some more! Minogue is the latest artist to become a shareholder in British streaming service Roxi, alongside Robbie Williams and Sheryl Crow.

Like they did in the past, she’s appearing in a TV advertising campaign for the company, which sells its own hardware – a box that connects to people’s TVs for streaming, karaoke and music trivia games – while also being available through satellite broadcaster Sky’s Sky Q service.

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Niall Horan and Kylie Minogue online concerts sold 150k tickets

It was a busy weekend for online concerts firm Driift, which had two big events airing on Saturday night: a livestream from former One Direction member Niall Horan, and a pre-recorded concert by Kylie Minogue.

This morning, the company revealed figures on how they did: it sold more than 150k tickets for the two events – specifically more than 125k for Horan’s gig, and nearly 30k for Minogue’s.

Horan performed live at the Royal Albert Hall, with tickets costing £16 – meaning a gross of around £2.4m for an event that was sharing its profits between Horan’s own touring crew and the #WeNeedCrew relief fund.

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Kylie Minogue set for Driift-run ‘Infinite Disco’ stream

More evidence for the growing ambition of online concerts for bigger artists comes with Kylie Minogue’s ‘Infinite Disco’ event on 7 November.

It’s the latest event from Driift, the company launched earlier this year by ATC Management, with investment from Beggars Group.

The 50-minute show will blend tracks from Kylie’s new album ‘Disco’ with older hits, with the promise of visual and choreographic wizardry.

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Sandbox 106 – Rise of the MCNs

Lead: If everyone has content on YouTube, how do you stand out? MCNs claim they have the answer to boosting views and driving a sharp uptick in revenue. Are they earning their keep with their immense expertise? Or are they doing things that any label and marketer could easily replicate or even surpass should they choose to put their shoulder to the wheel? We speak to labels and MCNs to figure out the pros and cons.

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