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With 40% of employees laid off, what now for SoundCloud?

It seems contradictory to describe SoundCloud’s announcement yesterday that it was laying off 173 staff as a shock but not necessarily a surprise.

That has been the most common sentiment in the responses to the news however: sadness and shock about the sudden scale of the layoffs, but less surprise that SoundCloud needed to reduce its costs, after a long period of uncertainty about the streaming service’s future.

We’ve had some clarity on how the layoffs compare to the overall headcount at SoundCloud, with Bloomberg noting that the company had 420 employees before the news – meaning that 40% of its staff will be leaving as part of the cuts.

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Slacker Radio lays off a quarter of its staff

A few weeks ago, Slacker Radio’s CEO was telling us that his company was “on the cusp of profitability” while criticising the business models of rivals like Pandora as “just not sustainable”.

Yet this week it’s Slacker Radio which is under the microscope, after the company confirmed a significant round of layoffs.

“Slacker Radio is laying off approximately 25% of the team as part of our ongoing effort to focus on efficiency and accelerate the path towards profitability,” Duncan Orrell-Jones told Hypebot.

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Some staff laid off at Rhapsody and Napster

Rhapsody and Napster have confirmed a round of layoffs amid reports that the former is closing its San Francisco office.

“As part of our plan to better position Rhapsody/Napster for long-term profitability and accelerated growth in a competitive global market, we have a new, streamlined structure for the company that unfortunately impacts a number of positions across our global offices,” said CEO Mike Davis in a statement provided to Hypebot.