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Sandbox Issue 223: Fluent in Influence. MUSIC X INFLUENCERS

Lead: the days of throwing bales of cash at a mega-influencer to get a mention in one of their Instagram posts are thankfully in sharp decline (with the disastrous Fyre Festival accelerating this trend). But what is taking its place? Influencer marketing is clearly growing in importance – as seen most visibly in the fact […]

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Just how popular are Led Zeppelin with streaming music users?

Led Zeppelin signed an exclusive streaming deal for their back catalogue with Spotify in December 2013, leaving not a whole lotta love (sorry) for rival streaming services. That relationship has since taken in the latest set of Led Zep remasters, and a tribute to ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ as part of Spotify’s Landmark series.

But yesterday, the band’s catalogue spread its wings and flew to other services: Deezer, Tidal and Rdio are among those to have announced that they have it. Deezer Elite and Tidal, obviously, have it at HD quality, with Led Zeppelin likely to figure prominently in both services’ efforts to court an audiophile audience. But it’s a good time to consider just how popular this kind of band are for a general streaming audience.

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Analysis: the morning after Spotify’s day before

By now, you won’t need us to just rehash the details of Spotify’s big announcement last night. Free ad-supported streaming through its smartphone and tablet apps; an exclusive deal with Led Zeppelin; significant global expansion from 35 countries to 55; and the ditching of its 10-hour monthly listening caps in the markets that still had them.

Coming just a week after Spotify unveiled a set of artist-focused initiatives including analytics and in-profile e-commerce, it represents a bold end to 2013 for the streaming service, as it gears up for well-funded competition in 2014. So what are the implications of last night’s announcements.