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Platoon is co-launching a lo-fi label called Arden Records

The rise of lo-fi hip-hop has been headed by YouTube channels like ChillHop Music and ChilledCow (recently rebranded as Lofi Girl). It’s interesting to see other players getting involved though, including Apple’s artist development subsidiary Platoon.

It’s a partner in the launch of Arden Records, a new label focusing on lo-fi music co-founded by Nepali artist and producer Sagun; Jordan Smith of S+ Mgmt, and Andrew Kwan of Romantic Music Group.

Its first release is an EP by Sagun, also called ‘Arden’.

“In the beginning of my career, I didn’t have a team and lacked music industry knowledge, but through starting Arden Records, I want to help artists achieve their goals by offering my guidance and providing the proper resources I never knew I needed,” he said.

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Riot Games launches ‘streamer-friendly’ lo-fi beats album

Gamers streaming footage on platforms like Twitch have been caught in the middle of copyright arguments, frequently seeing their archived videos muted or taken down if they included commercial music.

But there’s a long (and sometimes, if not always, controversial) history of labels, startups or the platforms offering game streamers catalogues of royalty-free music to use instead.

The latest example comes from an actual games company: League of Legends publisher Riot Games. Its new ‘Sessions: Vi’ compilation is described as a “creator-safe collection” of music that “anyone can use in their content without concern of copyright strikes”.

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Sandbox Issue 264: Lo-fi, hi-impact – how lo-fi hip hop brands are chilling out millions of devoted listeners

Lead: Lo-fi hip hop is no longer simply a crackly, jazzy sub-genre – it’s a huge business, with millions subscribing to multi-platform playlists and albums of atmospheric songs to relax, study, chill and sleep to. We explore how this unassuming background music has quietly grown into an enormous DIY empire, how mood music is resonating with […]

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The latest player in the lo-fi hip-hop YouTube game is… Pepsi

Sure, you may like round-the-clock streams of lo-fi hip-hop on YouTube from channels like ChilledCow and Chillhop Music, but wouldn’t it be nice if their animated backgrounds were more branded?

And in fact, wouldn’t the music be nicer if it had a few more lyrics about fizzy drinks?

Fear not: Pepsi has you covered. It has launched its own ‘LoFi Radio: Beats To Sip To’ stream on YouTube, complete with original tracks including ‘Don’t Cry Over Spilt Pepsi’, ‘Pepsi Hits Different’ and ‘Wash It Down’.

So yes, it’s an endless stream of lo-fi hip-hop with lyrics about Pepsi. It’ll have to go some to compete against the giants of the genre on YouTube though.

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Lo-Fi Player is the latest Google Magenta AI-music project

Magenta is a research project within Google exploring the intersection of AI and creativity, including a range of music demos. The latest of those is called Lo-Fi Player, and it launched this month.

It’s riffing off the increasingly popular trend for listening to lo-fi hip-hop as a study aid or relaxation tool. In this case, through a virtual room where people can interact with the music by clicking on different objects: from instruments to a tail-waving cat.

“You might think: this kind of generation will never replace the great producers! We completely agree. The design goal is not to replace existing Lo-Fi Hip Hop producers or streams,” stressed the project’s creators Vibert Thio and Douglas Eck.