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Landmrk powers ‘frame-by-frame’ album-unlock campaign for CNCO

Latino boy-band CNCO have a new album on the way, and for the second time they’re working with location-based-marketing startup Landmrk to promote it.

In August 2016, their label Sony Music US Latin used Landmrk for a campaign called CNCO Go, which encouraged fans to visit ‘hotspots’ in Latin America and Spain to hear the band’s album ‘Primero Cita’ ahead of its release.

This time, the campaign is focused on the video for CNCO’s new single ‘Solo Yo’. The video has been broken up into 4,218 individual frames, which have been digitally scattered between that many hotspots across the world.

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Amid Pokemon Go fever, Landmrk is an AR tool for music

As the world and its aunt go doolally over mobile game Pokemon Go, it’s tempting to wonder whether there’s an equivalent for music.

Actually, we already have one – and it’s been around for a while before Nintendo and Niantic’s location-based augmented reality (AR) game became a craze this month.

It’s called Landmrk, it’s the work of a team based in the UK, and it’s already been used for Alt-J and Keith Richards to, in the startup’s words, “place digital content, in real-time into physical locations anywhere in the world”.

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Virtual reality, wearables and location: hits or hype for future music marketing?

Tonight is Music Ally’s Future Music Marketing event in London, where we’ve gathered a panel of opinionated experts to give their views on whether a selection of technologies are hits or hype – or a bit of both – for helping musicians reach fans.

The final topic up for discussion wrapped in several futuristic technologies: virtual reality, wearable devices, the internet of things and location-based services. There was an introductory presentation by Music Ally’s training manager Nikoo Sadr, followed by the panel debate.

Our panellists for the night: Sammy Andrews, head of digital, Cooking Vinyl; Dino Burbidge, director of innovation and technology, WCRS; Niamh O’Reilly, digital director, Sony Music; Katie Ray, digital marketing consultant, Modest Management; and Jessica Roe, CEO, Level Theory. The moderator was Music Ally’s Eamonn Forde.