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Apple Music rolls out personalised ‘My Chill Mix’ playlist

Apple is making its latest move in personalised playlists, with the rollout of a new one called ‘My Chill Mix’.

“A small number of test users got the new playlist yesterday evening,” reported TechCrunch. “An updated Chill playlist will be delivered every Sunday to users who join the test group, which will roll out through the summer.”

The playlist will focus on the relaxed end of the musical spectrum, but based on the genres and artists that an individual user has been listening to.

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Google releases audio dataset for machine learning research

We won’t pretend to be experts in the deeper aspects of machine-learning, but when we see two of the key figures in The Echo Nest tweeting their approval of something, we know it’s worth a look.

What they were tweeting about was AudioSet, “a massive dataset of manually annotated audio events” made available by the Sound Understanding group in Google’s Machine Perception Research organisation.

“Huge dataset release by Google of audio annotations for YouTube videos,” tweeted Echo Nest co-founder Brian Whitman.

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Google Play Music redesign puts machine learning to the fore

The Google Play Music streaming service is getting a redesign, putting more of an emphasis on personalised playlists and music recommendations based on where the listener is and what they’re doing.

The redesign is rolling out this week for Google Play Music’s Android and iOS apps, in the 62 countries where the service is available.

You can think of this as its Google Now moment: recommending music in the same way that the Google Now tool on smartphones serves up weather reports, travel information and other data when they might be most useful.