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Music publishing boss Andrew Jenkins: ‘Copyright should be forever’

“I’m going to say something very controversial now. I don’t think there should be a term of copyright. If I buy a house, I own it forever. It’s my property. If I have intellectual property, I should have it forever.”

Andrew Jenkins has just stepped down as chairman of the board of the ICMP, and is president of Universal Music Publishing Group for Australia and Asia-Pacific.

It’s fair to say his on-stage interview at Midem’s Copyright Summit last week didn’t pull any punches on his views on attempts to reduce the term of copyright.

“It shouldn’t be 50 years. It shouldn’t be 25 years. It should be forever. I should be able to pass it on to my family. I don’t understand why we treat one type of property differently,” said Jenkins.

“I can certainly pass on the value of my house to my children, they can pass it on to their children and their children’s children, etc,” he continued. “My wife is a singer and songwriter. She works very very hard to do what she does. Distribution models don’t deserve to benefit off the back of her work. She does.”

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All of Music Ally’s Midem 2017 coverage in one place

The dust is settling from this year’s Midem 2017 conference in Cannes, where Music Ally’s two-man editorial team of Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde reported on more than 30 panels and keynote sessions between them.

That’s a lot of #content to navigate through, so we’ve drawn it all together in this post, grouped into keynotes and individual themes, and picking out a highlighted quote or two from each session with a link to our full report.

Read on for the summaries, which we hope gives you an overview of the key talking points in Cannes this week.

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The magic words of A&R: storytelling and market knowledge

The final morning of the Midem conference included a panel on how to sign and develop artists, as digital’s impact grows on both discovery and consumption.

Speakers were Vidhi Gandhi (A&R at Ninja Tune), Patrik Larsson (A&R at Playground Scandinavia), Daniel Miller (founder and chairman of Mute Thaddeus Rudd (co-president and co-founder, Mom+Pop). The panel was moderated by freelance journalist Rhian Jones.

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First Access Entertainment’s Sarah Stennett on the future for artists (#midem)

One of the most anticipated keynotes of this year’s Midem was that of First Access Entertainment CEO Sarah Stennett.

Her joint venture with Access Industries combines recorded music, management and publishing services, as one of the companies exploring new shapes for a music industry company.

She was interviewed by Lisa Verrico of The Times and The Sunday Times and they talked about the decline of the rock ‘n’ roll star and the birth of a new type of autodidactic star enabled by social media.

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Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht talks streaming in 2017 (#midem)

Spotify and Apple Music may suck up lots of the attention in the music-streaming world, but other services have their own global ambitions. Deezer, for example, which continues to grow and launch new features.

Its CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht had one of the keynote slots at Midem’s third day today, interviewed by Music Ally’s Stuart Dredge about his company’s strategy, as well as wider industry issues.

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Is the ‘value gap’ debate anywhere near a resolution? (#midem)

Yesterday, we reported on a Midem panel providing the European perspective on the debate about YouTube, safe harbour legislation and the ‘value gap’.

Today there was a panel billed as “round two” – although still with no speaker from the YouTube side of this particular battle. Instead, IFPI director of legal policy and licensing Lauri Rechardt; GESAC senior legal adviser Burak Özgen; BMG SVP of business and legal affairs Götz von Einem; and MMF CEO Annabella Coldrick gave their views, moderated by CMU’s Chris Cooke.

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Messaging, bots and AI’s music evolution in 2017 (#midem)

Hundreds of thousands of music fans are already interacting with their favourite artists through bots on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. So how might this trend develop in 2017 and beyond?

A panel at Midem today explored the trend. Moderated by Music x Tech x Future’s Bas Grasmayer, it included The Bot Platform’s Syd Lawrence; Sony Music’s Ricardo Chamberlain; Polydor’s Luke Ferrar; SuperPlayer’s Gustavo Goldschmidt; The Orchard’s Nikoo Sadr; and Pop’s Tim Heineke.

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Latin star Daddy Yankee talks ‘the power of digital’ (#midem)

Daddy Yankee is currently having something of a moment, thanks to his ‘Despacito’ collaboration with Luis Fonsi topping charts around the world.

The Latin-urban music star appeared at Midem this morning to discuss his rise, and the role played by ‘the power of digital’. He was interviewed by Leila Cobo, executive director of content and programming for Latin Music Billboard.

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What can blockchain really do for the music industry? (#midem)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a music-industry conference in possession of a good audience must be in want of a blockchain panel.

Midem had one this morning as part of its copyright summit. Moderated by lawyer Sophie Goossens, it saw Bailer Music Publishing’s Benjamin Bailer; Sacem’s Xavier Costaz; Dot Blockchain’s Benji Rogers; Jaak’s Vaughn McKenzie; and Mycelia’s Carlotta de Ninni giving their views.