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Midemlab contest names its hottest music/tech startups of 2021

The Midemlab startups contest is now a key pillar of annual music industry conference Midem, and it’s come a long way since its original incarnation in 2008 as the ‘Music Ally / MidemNet New Business Showcase’.

SoundCloud won the 2009 contest, with The Echo Nest (later acquired by Spotify to become the core of its personalisation tech) one of the finalists. The 2010 contest, renamed as MidemNet Lab, included Kickstarter and Songkick in its final selection.

Since then, Midemlab has become a great annual snapshot of new startups in the music/tech space, and – disclosure! – Music Ally has been proud to be one of the selecting partners for the contest throughout its history.

Today, the finalists for Midemlab 2021 have been announced, after a selection process that involved narrowing down 203 submissions from 34 countries into a shortlist of 20 startups divided between four categories.

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Midemlab startups contest announces its 2020 winners

Solfeg·io, Super Hi-Fi, Audoo and Uptune have been named as the winners of this year’s Midemlab startups contest, held as part of the Midem music industry conference.

Like the conference, Midemlab was an entirely-online affair, with the pitches of all 20 finalists broadcast this afternoon, followed by the announcement of the winners.

Music Ally is a partner for Midemlab – we help to choose the finalists – so naturally we were watching the pitches and taking notes.

They’re below: first for the four winners, and then for the other finalists. It’s a good snapshot (alongside our recent coverage of the Techstars Music demo day) of 2020’s best music startups.

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Midemlab 2019: Music distribution and discovery pitches

The second pitch session in this year’s Midemlab startups contest focused on music distribution and discovery startups. Disclosure: Music Ally was involved in choosing the finalists for this year’s contest. The jury for this session included Bluenove co-founder Martin Duval; Recochoku CTO Mikio Inari; Capitol Music Group VP of business development Ching-Ching Chen; Deezer’s Alexander Holland; and Alven’s Rodolphe Menegaux.

Alissia Music from Germany was represented by CEO Bosco Bellinghausen (above). Its slogan is “soundtrack your life” – an app that discovers songs for people based on their mood and preferences. They start by picking their preferred genres and setting their ‘mood compass’ by hearing clips of songs, and telling the app what moods they correspond to. Then, the app works by getting them to choose their current mood, before generating them a playlist.

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Midemlab 2019: music creation and education startup pitches

The Midemlab startups contest has become a key part of the annual Midem conference in Cannes. Today, this year’s finalists in four categories are pitching their technology and business models to panels of jurors, as well as the Midem audience.

Music Ally is here – disclosure: we’re a partner for Midemlab, helping to choose the finalists – to report on the pitch sessions, and the ultimate winners. Starting with the morning’s first pitch session: music creation and education startups, judged by Starther / Startup Sesame’s Joanna Kirk; Sony Music’s Olivier Parfait; Music Tech Germany’s Matthias Strobel; and The Orchard’s Colleen Theis.