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BPI and MPA have their say at UK’s music streaming inquiry

The latest day of hearings for the UK’s parliamentary inquiry into the economics of music streaming was the busiest yet, with three sessions – including the first to involve streaming services.

As before, there was a mixture of tough questions, grandstanding and moments of farce. And plenty to think about as the digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) committee works its way towards recommendations on how to improve the streaming market for musicians and the industry.

One of the running themes of the inquiry is whether a stream should be treated as a sale for the purposes of royalty payouts, and it was the first question for Geoff Taylor, head of labels body the BPI, in the opening session.

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Music Publishers Association Group CEO Jane Dyball steps down

Well, the boss of British industry-body group MPA isn’t leaving just yet, but Jane Dyball will be stepping down as the group’s CEO in the new year, it was announced yesterday.

It will bring to an end her four-year stint in the job, having joined from publisher Warner/Chappell. “It’s always hard to know when to leave because there is always more to do, and these companies have a really great future. However, I have either completed or set in motion everything on the ‘to do’ list that I wrote on my first day and it seemed the right time to move on,” said Dyball in a statement.

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British music optimism in 2017: talent, exports, hard work

British music will have a high profile at Midem 2017, thanks to the British Music at Midem stand; more than 150 British delegates and companies; and six British artists performing at the evening showcases.

That presence is backed by a strong sense of optimism across the British industry, based as much on successes abroad as it is rising industry revenues at home.

While Adele and then Ed Sheeran have been the poster artists for large-scale global success, they are accompanied by a much wider swathe of artists, songwriters, music companies and tech startups making their names around the world.

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BPI and MPA hail £497m investment from UK rightsholders

The question of how much money music rightsholders have to invest in artists and songwriters in the modern era bubbles up regularly, but now British music bodies the BPI and MPA have provided a new answer. In a joint report, they have claimed that in 2014, UK-based labels spent £178m on A&R, and a further £157.4m on marketing and promotion – with the total of £335m representing just under 48% of their revenues that year.

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Newzbin shuts down after losing copyright lawsuit

Usenet indexing site Newzbin has shut down, after being found liable for copyright infringement earlier this year in a case brought by the Motion Picture Association. The company behind Newzbin has gone into administration, having been slapped with a £230,000 interim costs bill from the court case even before damages are decided….