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Spotify takes lyrics feature global and reveals merch data

Spotify is taking its synchronised lyrics feature global, having launched it in 26 countries last year. As of yesterday, the feature is live globally in Spotify’s mobile, desktop, console and TV apps. The company’s partner is lyrics firm Musixmatch, which has a long (if not always harmonious) history with the streaming service.

Musixmatch was one of the launch partners when Spotify added external apps to its desktop client back in late 2011, and its app was one of the most popular on the platform. When the ‘App Finder’ feature was retired early in 2015, Spotify integrated Musixmatch’s lyrics into its service, but they were removed in May 2016 after the two companies fell out.

“We regret the end of this partnership… we will not allow anybody to ignore our business model,” was Musixmatch’s comment at the time. By June 2020, when Spotify launched its synchronised lyrics feature with Musixmatch – perhaps nudged by Apple Music having trumpeted time-synced lyrics as a USP for its service – the business models had seemingly aligned again.

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Lyrics app MusiXmatch raises $3.7m after reaching 10m users

Lyrics-focused mobile app MusiXmatch has raised $3.7m of new funding from existing investors Micheli Associati and Paolo Barberis,

The company has also announced that the app has reached the 10m users milestone, and trailed a move beyond music into second-screen TV apps.

That 10m figure relates to total downloads so far rather than active users, with the company currently generating 1m new downloads a month.