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And the biggest music-streaming service in the Nordics is…

If you just completed that sentence with ‘Spotify’, sorry, that’s not the answer. At least, it’s not the answer according to the 2018 Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey, which is published by collecting societies Koda, Teosto and Tono.

This year’s survey quizzed nationally-representative samples of more than 1,000 people in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden this September, and found that while 54% had used Spotify to stream music in the last year, 74% had used YouTube

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Spotify hails Nordic exports: 1.4bn streams in January alone

We reported yesterday on the latest figures from Norway showing that streaming is now more than three quarters of the music market there, with local artists’ share increasing. Today, Spotify is revealing figures on streaming’s role in music exported from Norway and the surrounding region.

The big stat: Nordic music generated 1.4bn streams globally on Spotify in January 2016 alone, with more than 60% of all Nordic-content streams coming from outside the region – while 70% of Norwegian music streams are outside Norway. The figures will be shared in the Music Without Borders session at the By:Larm conference in Oslo today.

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Survey reveals 9.4m Nordic adults streamed music in 2015

Well, mainly adults: the figure comes from responses by internet users aged 15-65 in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, so you can add a few more early-teenagers to the total.

But yes: according to the study commissioned by collecting societies Teosto, Koda and Tono, around 9.4 million people in the demographic above said they had streamed music in the last 12 months – 58% of all respondents. The question excluded YouTube, too.

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Music Ally Report 332 – Around the world: digital music in 2013

To mark the last Music Ally Report of the year (the final Sandbox will run next Wednesday), we have looked at the key trends in digital music in the main regions around the world. The growth of digital is happening at different speeds and in different ways depending on the region and the countries within that region. This lack of consensus across markets and regions can make some nervous but really we should be fine-combing these markets and trying to understand how or if esoteric developments can be exported and learned from.

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Sandbox 98 – Nordic Lights

Lead: Because streaming dominates so much in the Nordics, it is dramatically changing the shape and the narrative of digital music marketing. It is no longer about spikes of activity a few weeks either side of a release or focused on driving purchases. Instead it is now about a consistent and steady campaign to keep fans engaging and re-engaging with artists, albums and singles on streaming services. We speak to those in Sweden and Norway about how streaming has changed things, as well as how markets where streaking is taking off need to prepare for the future.

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