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Music-streaming services now 8% of audio listening in the UK

British communications regulator Ofcom has published a new report, Media Nations, which is making headlines with its claim that TV-streaming services have now overtaken traditional pay-television in the UK. However, the report also has some new figures on music to share, including the claim that music-streaming services now account for 8% of all audio listening in the UK – and 29% for 15-24 year-olds.

There’s a tipping point coming soon for the latter demographic though: currently the average 15-24 year-old Brit spends 33% of their weekly ‘audio time’ listening to live radio on a radio set; 29% streaming music online; 18% listening to their own digital music collection stored on a device; and 9% using ‘music video channels / sites for background listening’ (a category that includes YouTube AND MTV). This time next year, streaming will surely have overtaken live radio for this age group.

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Ofcom releases latest copyright infringement study in the UK

Communications regulator Ofcom has released the fourth wave of its consumer-tracking study into online copyright infringement, providing the music industry (and others) with the latest stats on piracy in the UK.

Topline stats: 17% of British internet users aged 12+ consumed at least one piece of online content illegally between March and May this year: around 7.4m people. However, only 4% of internet users exclusively consumed illegal content: a hardcore crew of 1.7m pirates.