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Mixcloud talks radio, discovery and live expansion (interview)

What is Mixcloud in 2015? It’s a streaming-audio service with 12m monthly listeners, 1m of whom are uploading DJ sets and radio shows to swell a catalogue that’s already 8m shows strong.

It’s a company growing beyond its roots in dance music, with 35% of its content now outside that genre thanks to a burgeoning range of jazz, hip-hop and world-music shows and sets.

It’s a London-based startup that continues to run lean with a headcount of just 12 people, but which is forging relationships with brands like Red Bull, Adidas and Coca-Cola to develop its business model.

Like many of its peers in the streaming music world, Mixcloud is trying to get to grips with a mobile-first mindset, as well as the challenge of helping its listeners discover new sounds that they’ll like.

Finally, Mixcloud has become something of an evangelist for the wider online radio market, last week announcing the winners of its second Online Radio Awards, which celebrate the best digitally-born stations and shows.

Music Ally talked to co-founders Nikhil Shah and Nico Perez about all of the above, as well as the company’s future expansion into live content, and why it’s not joining Spotify in a move into video.

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Line’s parent company Naver launches V, a Periscope rival for celebs

The parent company of social network Line, Naver, has launched a new live-video broadcasting app for celebrities. It’s called V – Real-time Celeb Broadcasting App, and has launched globally, although we sense it’s more focused on Japan and South Korea for the moment.

The free app is a bit like Twitter’s Periscope, except with an emphasis on celebrities broadcasting video and fans watching it.“You can follow your favorite celebs, watch their videos, and use comments and ‘hearts’ to share your thoughts and feelings with others,” explains the App Store listing.