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Amid Pokemon Go fever, Landmrk is an AR tool for music

As the world and its aunt go doolally over mobile game Pokemon Go, it’s tempting to wonder whether there’s an equivalent for music.

Actually, we already have one – and it’s been around for a while before Nintendo and Niantic’s location-based augmented reality (AR) game became a craze this month.

It’s called Landmrk, it’s the work of a team based in the UK, and it’s already been used for Alt-J and Keith Richards to, in the startup’s words, “place digital content, in real-time into physical locations anywhere in the world”.

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Pokemon Go game may be bigger than Twitter and Tinder in US

Nintendo has taken its time getting involved in mobile gaming, but based on recent days, it could have a massive hit on its hands with the Pokemon Go game. It’s a location-based, augmented-reality take on its famous creature-collecting franchise that sees players catching Pokemon in the real world around them, while snapping pictures of the digital beats in situ wherever they find them.