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Japanese artist Reol made $130k from a YouTube livestream

Can you make money from livestreamed music performances on YouTube? Japanese artist Reol certainly did: to the tune of $130k.

YouTube’s director of Black music and culture Tuma Basa revealed the figure in his appearance at Music Ally’s Sandbox Summit Global online conference yesterday alongside colleague T. Jay Fowler, director of product management.

Reol’s livestream had 181k views while it was airing, with fans buying ‘super chats’ (highlighted messages that stay pinned at the top of a video’s chat window) and ‘super stickers’ (animated stickers to help their chats stand out) to show their support.

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Sandbox Issue 243: The Last 10 Years and The Next 10 Years of Music Marketing

Welcome to the first Sandbox of 2020. Lead: It is now 10 years since we published the very first edition of Sandbox, so to start a new decade we speak to marketers from around the world about the tools and trends that shaped the past decade of music marketing as well as the ones they believe […]

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Billie Eilish wins big in Apple awards and Spotify 2019 stats

What we need, said almost nobody in the music industry, are a few more awards ceremonies. But now we have two, from the world’s biggest subscription music-streaming services.

Spotify’s first awards will take place in Mexico City next March, driven entirely by its data, but Apple Music’s first event took place overnight, chosen purely by the company’s editorial team. The simplification of Spotify as ‘algorithms’ and Apple Music as ‘humans’ is a complete fallacy, but dammit if the two services’ awards aren’t playing right in to it.

Spotify’s awards don’t even have nominees yet, but the company did (also overnight) just release its ‘Wrapped 2019’ data for the most popular artists and music on its platform this year. So what can we learn? There’s fun to be had comparing the 2019 stream-count for Billie Eilish on these fierce rivals.

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US on-demand audio streams up 45% year-on-year in 2018 so far

Nielsen has published its annual mid-year report for the US music market, and while the trends it shows are unsurprising, they will nonetheless be encouraging for a market still celebrating the strong growth (in both consumption and revenues) for 2017.

The headline figures: overall consumption across physical and digital albums, songs and music videos was up 18% year-on-year in the first half of 2018. That includes a 45% rise in on-demand audio-streaming volume, and a 35% rise for on-demand video-streaming volume. In the former case, that was 268bn on-demand audio streams by the end of June.

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YouTube takes action against misleading ’loop videos’

Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ has been a big hit on much every streaming platform, so it would be inaccurate to say that its infamous ‘loop video’ on YouTube was the sole reason for its success.

The video of the song’s chorus looped over and over certainly contributed to the track’s chart ranking in the US though – even if the intention was to make the music equivalent of a film trailer that drove fans to other platforms to hear the full track, rather than to fiddle the charts.