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TikTok gets five-day premiere of David Guetta and Sia’s Let’s Love

A moment of relief for TikTok executives: a music story making headlines, rather than the latest revelation about the company’s potential sale or ban in the US. TikTok is getting a “five-day premiere” of the new single from David Guetta and Sia, and it’s a useful pointer to how the app is developing as a platform for music marketing.

‘Let’s Love’ comes out on Friday (11 September) on streaming services, but a 15-second edit will be available for TikTok users to make videos with from today, as part of an official #LetsLove challenge that’s being promoted by Guetta through his TikTok profile. “Can we go over difficult times together? Use the #letslove to show us how you stay positive: fitness, dance, drawing… it’s your time to shine,” is how the challenge words it.

It’s one of the most high-profile examples of a track (or rather, a portion of it) being made available on TikTok before its official release date, with the aim of whipping up the kind of virality that will generate an early spike in streams elsewhere come Friday. We’ll see today whether the label (or, indeed, TikTok itself) is putting some marketing budget into getting popular influencers on the app to join the challenge.

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ByteDance’s Resso could soon be banned in India like TikTok

“Unlike TikTok, Resso escaped the recent ban on apps of Chinese origin in India,” we wrote earlier this month, when reporting on ByteDance’s streaming music app reaching 10.6m installs in India so far – including 3m in June alone. Our closer for that article, commenting that “it’s still available in India – for now” wasn’t that wild a premonition really: Resso now appears to be at risk of being banned too.

The Economic Times reported that the Indian government is working through a list of 275 apps from Chinese developers or backed by Chinese companies to decide whether they should be banned too. Resso is one of the highest-profile apps on the new list, alongside game PubG and shopping app AliExpress. The list comes as India’s recent border skirmish with China has developed into a bigger row over the potential security and privacy threats in apps and digital services.

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ByteDance’s music app Resso installed nearly 3m times in India in June

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance test-launched its Resso music streaming app in India and Indonesia last year – we put it through its paces in December, ahead of its formal launch in India in March 2020.

Unlike TikTok, Resso escaped the recent ban on apps of Chinese origin in India, but how is it doing? News site Quartz has some stats courtesy of mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower.

It claims that Resso did nearly 3m installs in India in June, and that having seen sharp month-on-month growth that month and in May, it has now been installed 10.6m times in total globally. Around 74% of those downloads are from India.

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TikTok tests in-app promotion of Resso streaming service

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance launched its own music streaming service, Resso, in India and Indonesia last year. We tested the beta version in December, ahead of its official launch in March this year. Now ByteDance is turning on the promotional afterburners for its new service in India – by leveraging its (very) big brother.

“TikTok usually shows the original soundtrack used in the clip in a ticker below. But now, it also includes a shortcut to Resso if the song is available on the music streaming app. If you tap on that, you will be redirected to Resso, where you can listen to the full song,” reported TheNextWeb this week. “What’s more, Resso, shows you the back button, so you can go right back to TikTok and resume watching videos.”