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Rostr report claims music managers’ rosters are still male-dominated

Last December, Music Ally wrote about a report from startup Rostr analysing its database of music management companies and their artists. Now it has repeated the trick for 2020. Its report, which is free, is based on more than 3,000 management firms’ data, and ranks them by roster size, Spotify audience and YouTube subscribers.

It also looks at how the rosters of these companies break down in terms of genre, gender and major vs independent label deals. Among the findings: Red Light has the largest roster by far: 376 artists are on its books, compared to 84 for the next-biggest agency Maverick. However, when it comes to Spotify reach, Maverick is top dog with 565 million monthly listeners across its roster, ahead of second-placed Full Stop (501 million) and third-ranked Red Light (396 million).

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Management firm ie:music launches ie:ventures to invest in startups

Yesterday, we reported on the launch of music-making app Endlesss. One of the British startup’s investors is music management company ie:music, through a new arm called ie:ventures. Director Stephen O’Reilly told us more about the new division, and why the company – whose artists include Robbie Williams, Passenger and Ladyhawke – is getting into startup funding.

The new division was established in stealth mode over the last year. “Our core philosophy has always been that the artist and the fan are the two most important parts of the music industry; everybody else and their egos are just the gloop in the middle,” said O’Reilly. “We want to partner with entrepreneurs and technologies that have a shared vision in that. People that create the good gloop.”

ie:ventures isn’t just about investing money in startups: it’s also about partnerships for the company’s own new projects. “We have ‘ventures’ in music tech and other investments in the startup space. We also will be unveiling initiatives we are working on such as artist services, IP creation, education and other areas,” said O’Reilly.

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Rostr report analyses stats for world’s top management firms

Rostr is the ‘AngelList for the music industry’ startup whose launch Music Ally reported on earlier this year, including the fact that its CEO Mark Williamson was formerly Spotify’s global head of artist and industry partnerships.

As the year ends, Rostr is promoting itself with a data-driven report looking at the world of music management, based on its database of more than 5,000 companies and their artists.

The report looks at which management companies have the largest rosters, with Red Light’s 365-strong lineup – an artist for every day of the year! – taking top spot, five times larger than the next company in the chart.